Batavia High School design student prepares new seed packet logo and custom stamp for the Lucy Flower Children's Garden Club.

Batavia High School design student prepares new seed packet logo and custom stamp for the Lucy Flower Children's Garden Club.

LUCY FLOWER SPRING SPRUCE UP, PART TWO:  Batavia High School + Lucy Flower Children's Garden Club

COMPLETED--Thank you for the wonderful event!

9:00 - 10:00 A.M.  Batavia High School students will work with Lucy Flower Children's Garden Club families to install Eric Carle inspired banners, adventuresome inspirations, and more!


10:15 - 11:00 a.m. BYO Picnic and Photos

About Kathleen:  (From AIGA) "In her twelve years as an art and media educator, Kathleen Tieri Ton has been devoted to inspiring students to develop an appreciation for the arts while empowering them with the vision and tools they need to impact their own lives and communities. She is excited by art found in our everyday lives and incorporates this passion in her teaching of digital and print design. Kathleen holds a BA in Studio Art from Indiana University, a Masters of Arts in Teaching from Columbia College Chicago, and post-graduate work in curriculum studies at University of Illinois Chicago. Kathleen resides in Batavia, Illinois with her husband and three children where she teaches graphic arts at Batavia High School. In her free time, she explores printmaking, gardening, and her love for old movies."

Lucy Flower Park 2018 SPRING SPRUCE UP:  PART ONE, From Sad to Sod

Neighborhood volunteers have teamed up with For Your Child Preschool, Willow Tree Child Development, Cortland Preschool, the West Bucktown Neighborhood Association (WBNA), and the Maplewood and Lucy Flower Park Advisory Council (MLFPAC) to raise the initial $2500 to get Lucy Flower looking good again! 

Five years of hard play and heavy foot traffic (hey, it's a popular park, everyone LOVES it!) had left the grassy areas completely "bald". 

After a consultation, the MLFPAC decided to raise funds for new sod and mulch in the front two zones of Lucy Flower Park.  The watering schedule and info is below, along with a few other nifty items for our community gardeners and volunteers. 


The Chicago Park District is scheduled to seed and mulch the remaining zone, while the Lucy Flower Children's Garden Club and Lucy Flower Community Garden are both collaborating for a fun and productive veggie season.  Thank you for your respect, shared labor, collaboration, and creativity as we continue to develop this once-derelict park into a treasure.


Volunteer, Katy S. helps install signs with Cortland Preschoolers

Thanks to Debra Kennedy, our new Playground Supervisor for getting us the signs!

The Lucy Flower Park Children's Garden Club is also managed by neighbor volunteers, who always need a hand keeping this public space beautiful and functional. Thank you very much for your help!

NOTE: If our local community garden group needs watering cans filled, please offer to share water for a moment or help them out! A great chance to talk gardening and meet a new neighbor - friend!


From sad to sod

NEEDED: Besides volunteer neighbors to water, we are also looking to complete the final area with sod this autumn; Park District is going to seed it, but it will likely need more than that to be robust enough to survive the summer.

We must raise an additional $2000 to make this final zone happen. We have a $250 donation from the Tischer Family and a $250 donation from Anonymous. Who else can join in and help us complete this beautiful work? Please email to arrange a much-needed and thoroughly appreciated donation.