Howdy, park enthusiast!

I'm taking the stuff we use on social media, like Facebook, and sending it here, so that those who choose to avoid the social media can still get updates on park happenings.  Enjoy!  --Amy Ewaldt, volunteer neighbor

From Maplewood and Lucy Flower Parks on Facebook:

Batavia High School graphic design collaboration at Lucy Flower Park with Lucy Flower Children's Garden Club and the MLFPAC, Sunday, June 3, 2018

From Dennis Huyck:  Please plan ahead to join us at the First Annual Spikeball Tournament on September 29th, 2018 at Maplewood Park. It is going to be a day of family, community, and fun all while competing in a Spikeball Tournament. There will be a competitive bracket as well as a recreational bracket so all first timers are welcome!!! Holler with questions but I expect to see you there!!!  REGISTER A TEAM

From Amy Ewaldt:  NEW!  HUMBOLDT PARK to get a DOG PARK

From Amy Ewaldt:  "A friendly reminder:
The Maplewood Ball Field renovation grant (we thankfully received) was a volunteer/neighbor-driven work to get the field to properly drain again, which it does for the first time in about five years, to my recollection. New benches have yet to be installed to complete the generous gift from Cubs Cares and LISC. The official ribbon cutting will happen when the Maplewood Park Field House is fully renovated, demo is scheduled to start soon.
The ballfield is open to the public, please use it! Our volunteer/neighbor created website tells all about any recent press here: https://www.maplewoodandlucyflowerparks.org/team/
You can find projects and donor info on the website as well. You can also find updates on the Maplewood and Lucy Flower Parks Facebook page. AND the group of neighbor/volunteers who give their time and talents sure could use new teammates—also on the website is a nifty volunteer form! Please, join in! ☺️👍"

From Amy Ewaldt:  "Amy Ewaldt Field is scheduled to reopen in two weeks (ish?) and construction starts in June though we still need to finish the community fundraising—only half way there. The Brick Campaign is open, please share info and thanks to the many, many neighbors who have made this renovation and expansion possible!!


The Buy A Brick info is GO! Please consider a donor brick as a lasting community legacy at the new Maplewood Field House.